Oscars: Ryan Gosling Whispers, Nicole Kidman Claps, Chrissy Teigen Sleeps and More Audience Reactions

Kevin Winter/Getty
Ryan Gosing listens as the best picture error is corrected on stage.

Memorable gifs and pictures of the Oscars audience reacting to the eventful evening.

The 89th Academy Awards show was filled with funny moments and surprises — including the gigantic Best Picture snafu at the end of the night. The ever-expressive actors and actresses in the crowd went through a wide range of emotions throughout the evening. Nicole Kidman had a curious way of clapping, Taraji P. Henson was eager for Octavia Spencer to share her cookies and donuts and Ryan Gosling's whispers had everyone at home guessing what he was saying.

Here's a look at the best gifs and photos from the Oscars audience on Sunday:

Matt Damon, Michelle Williams, Meryl Streep and Dwayne Johnson are flabbergasted by the best picture mistake.

Emma Stone is shocked when she finds out while on stage.

Meanwhile, Ryan Gosling smirks.

Chrissy Teigen is caught sleeping during the show.

Nicole Kidman's peculiar clapping gets some attention.

Taraji P. Henson wants Octavia Spencer to share her cookies.

Vicky, one of the tourists that host Jimmy Kimmel brought inside the show, gets Jennifer Aniston's sunglasses.

Ryan Gosling whispers something in her ear and internet memes abound.

Meryl Streep hides as Kimmel teases her, calling her "overrated" in his monologue as a jab at Trump.

Justin Timberlake makes a face at Kimmel when he says maybe *NSync will let him back in now.

Gosling is proud of his costar Emma Stone as she calls him out in her speech.