Oscars: Submission Deadlines for 90th Academy Awards Detailed

Tim Boyle/Getty

While final screen credits aren't due until Dec. 1, submissions for documentary short subjects are due Sept. 1.

The 90th Academy Awards — which won’t be broadcast until March 4, 2018 — are still months away, but submission deadlines for some categories are already fast-approaching.

Submissions for the documentary short subject category are due at 5 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 1, and those for documentary feature follow soon after that on Sept. 20.

The date for general entry and official screen credit forms is Dec. 1.

The submission process is detailed online at OP.

Upcoming dates follow:

Documentary short subject                Friday, Sept. 1
Documentary feature                         Wednesday, Sept. 20
Animated short film                            Monday, Oct. 2
Live-action short film                          Monday, Oct. 2
Foreign language film                        Monday, Oct. 2
Animated feature film                         Wednesday, Nov. 1
Original score                                     Friday, Dec. 1
Original song                                      Friday, Dec. 1
General entry/OSC form                    Friday, Dec. 1