Oscars: 5 Mysteries Solved

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Why was Mo’Nique M.I.A. – and did James Franco really skip the after-parties because of bad reviews?

Mysteries, no more! The Hollywood Reporter has answers to the burning questions from the 83rd annual Academy Awards" 

Where was Mo’Nique?
Internet reports claimed she "refused" to be a presenter at this year's Oscars, even though previous Oscar winners always present the next year (she won Best Supporting Actress in 2010 for Precious). Nonsense, says her manager and husband Sidney Hicks: She had to shoot two episodes of her BET talk show Monday in Atlanta, so she made a point to announce the nominees last month. Hicks told USA Today, “This was her way of giving respect to the Academy and to her show. Either way her position is you can't please everyone all of the time, and whatever scrutiny she receives she accepts it humbly."
Why did James Franco skip the after-parties?
He was a no-show at the night's hottest bashes (including his own), prompting some blogs to speculate it was because of the bad reviews he received hosting the Oscars. Turns out, the actor had to leave L.A. immediately after the show because he had an early class (he is doing double duty at Yale and NYU). “It Was Fun!" Franco Tweeted after the show. "Have to get Back to Class."
Did Banksy show?
Elusive graffiti star was up for best documentary feature for his directing debut, Exit Through the Gift Shop and had many attendees guessing whether he was going to the show in disguise. Mr. Brainwash, aka Thierry Guetta (star of Exit), told THR on the red carpet: “He is here, but you’ll never know.” 
Why were Corey Haim and other notables left out of memorial?
Corey Haim was among the actors omitted from the memorial. Academy executive director Bruce Davis recently THR most omissions are a question of math for a show that runs long. "Historically, we include 26 or 27 artists. Last year, we got up to 36," said Davis. This year's sequence - which gave each person a mere four seconds of footage to crystallize their memory - ran nearly five minutes. "And that's way too short," Davis told THR. "So we expect we'll be getting a lot of those day-after calls."
Was an an orbital space flight really in the gift bags?!
Distinctive Assets has created a consolation gift bag for nominees who didn't win. Distributed on Monday morning, it features more than $23,000 in goodies - including an invitation to go to space on Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic flight next year; a $16,000 vacation at an underwater spa in the Maldives (furnished by Premier Tours) and a $100 pack of Swarovski-bedazzled electronic cigarettes, among others.