Oscars: 6 Things to Watch For on Sunday's Show

Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

A preview of the specific moments that will capture people’s attention going into the big day.


Sure everyone wants to see how James Franco and Anne Hathaway do on Sunday and who takes home the big awards. But what specific moments will capture people’s attention going into the big day?

A brief look:

Helena Bonham Carter's red carpet apparel: The King's Speech star caused an international fashion uproar when she wore mismatched shoes to the Golden Globe awards. While she promises to wear matching shoes to the event this year, look out for her no doubt unconventional (to say the least) outfit this year. She promised it would be "a catastrophe."

Natalie Portman: Nothing suits an Oscar red carpet more than a pregnant Oscar nominee. The challenge of the combo of glamour and baby bump is always worth watching for. Since Natalie’s given us a palette of white, black, or blue tones throughout awards season – with only one exception: her pink and red Viktor & Rolf gown at the Golden Globes – our prediction is that she will wear color. And for this almost-sure Oscar winner – and fashion-winner already – nothing less than Chanel couture, Dior couture or a specially made Lanvin will do. 

Banksy's appearance: Will he show? The Oscar- nominated artist’s reps were discouraged from letting him attend the Oscars in a disguise (he owns a monkey mask that would look natty with a tux). Yet, the mysterious artist has never shown his face publicly, even in his documentary. How will he work around this problem? Will he invade the stage? Academy president Tom Sherak tells THR, “Listen, he’d run right over me. I’m not gonna stand up to stop him.” Our bet: somebody else with a naked face will accept on his behalf — while he’s out tagging LA.

Colin Firth: The Brit will surely deliver an incredibly eloquent, charming, amusing, and self-deprecating acceptance speech for best actor (yes, we're that sure). It will be so deeply honest that he’ll admit self-deprecation really amounts to a smarter form of bragging: as Samuel Johnson said, “All censure of a man’s self is oblique praise. It is in order to show how much he can spare.”

Melissa Leo: Her acceptance speech, which will start out eloquent, will then abruptly veer off in some bizarre direction unforeseen by her terrified publicists (and even by herself), and make news that tops her glamour ads and “you have to pimp yourself” quotes.

Presenter Russell Brand: He will come up with a remark so clever it proves he’s Ricky Gervais with a brain and better taste.