Oscars: 72-Hour Guide to Red-Carpet-Ready, Hassle-Free Grooming for Men

Courtesy of Suja/Getty Images
Joe Manganiello

These last-minute makeover wonders — a peptide facial, a fitness retreat, a new juice cleanse — will get any busy guy ready for the red carpet.

Many A-listers may prepare weeks in advance for their brief moment on the red carpet, but some need only 72 hours. A last-minute grooming makeover yielding notable results isn't impossible, especially for men with time constraints. From peptide facials to organ detoxing, we highlight grooming overhauls men can do in less than 72 hours.


Instead of getting a tummy tuck, head to Exhale Spa (locations nationwide) for its award-winning Acu-Organ Detox treatment ($150 for 60-minute therapy). It combines acupuncture with a detoxifying hot castor oil abdominal pack that helps the body eliminate and detox accumulation in the liver, gallbladder and intestines. The appearance of a flatter stomach is immediate and noticeable (however temporary). It's best to book the treatment close to red-carpet day.


A-listers avoid the "tired" and "haggard" look on the red carpet by getting a facial. Peptides, an amino acid compound, are all the rage this season. They work on a cellular level to increase hydration, reduce visible lines and wrinkles and lift and firm sagginess instantly. Celebrity makeup artist Erin Skipley uses products like HydroPeptide on all her male clients, including Grammy Award winner Macklemore and Wentworth Miller. The product is featured in the facials at the Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey’s Spa Del Rey.


Fitness retreats are huge for 2014, especially after New Year's. These specialized resorts offer complete transformation — body, mind and spirit — which helps reduce stress near red-carpet time. Most guests spend at least a week at top facilities like Canyon Ranch or the Ranch at Live Oak's new 4.0 mini-boot camp at Four Seasons Westlake. However, Cal-A-Vie, a 200-acre health spa resort just 40 miles north of San Diego, is one of a few that offer a convenient three-day package (including all meals, fitness classes, spa treatments and lectures; starting at $3,995) that primes visitors for the red-carpet look. Clients have included Emilio Estevez, Tom Ford and Russell Crowe.


A great smile is memorable, and most people notice a rack of pearly white teeth. In just under two hours, men can get professional tooth whitening that not only offers a healthy luster for teeth but also restores confidence. With take-home whitening kits, it can take weeks to see results, so get the premiere quick fix at a cosmetic dentistry office. Kevin B. Sands DDS is known for working with top celebrities like Cee Lo Green and Robert Downey Jr.


Juice cleanses are common for A-listers who seek mental clarity and a slimmed-down body in just a few days. They also are noted for giving more energy and a feeling of rejuvenation. Suja Juices offers a three-day cleanse ($162) available at select stores (like Whole Foods) or delivered straight to your door. Julianne Moore cleansed with Suja last awards season; Miles Teller and Joe Manganiello picked up bottles at Sundance Film Festival; and male fans include Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal and Matt Damon. Suja is debuting three new juice flavors with their Elements line.