Oscars: Academy Approves New Ukraine Selection Committee in Foreign Language Category

The Tribe Still Cannes - H 2014
Courtesy of Festival de Cannes

The Tribe Still Cannes - H 2014

Ukraine will be able to enter a movie this year after missing last year's campaign.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has approved the new makeup of Ukraine's foreign-language Oscar submission selection committee, allowing the country to enter a film in the race this year after missing out last year.

"Ukraine's new selection committee has been approved, and the country is eligible to submit a film this year," a representative for the  Academy told The Hollywood Reporter. Philipp Ilyenko, head of Ukraine's state cinema agency, also confirmed the news on his Facebook page.

Last year, a change to the makeup of the Ukrainian Oscar committee and a new selection procedure were introduced following a controversy back in 2014, when the selection of The Guide triggered accusations of conflict of interest in the country.

Back then, Miroslav Slaboshpitsky, the director of international festival hit The Tribe, claimed that three members of The Guide's production team were involved in voting on Ukraine's foreign-language Oscar submission.

However, the Ukrainian producers' association and some individual producers opposed the changes to the makeup of the selection committee and voting procedures. As a result, Ukraine was unable to submit a film in the Oscar race last year.

"Last year, a Ukrainian selection committee was not officially submitted to the Academy," the Academy's representative said. "Necessary documentation must be submitted in order for a selection committee to be accepted."

Earlier this summer, the country's national filmmakers' union and the Ukrainian producers' association signed a memorandum agreeing on the makeup of the Ukrainian Oscar committee and selecting procedures, effectively ending the rift.