Makeup Monday: This Is Who Gives the Stars Glowing Skin on Oscars Night

Makeup Monday Split - H 2015
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Makeup Monday Split - H 2015

Joanna Vargas — the facialist behind the glowing faces of Julianne Moore, Sofia Coppola and Rachel Weisz — divulges the secrets to the stars' radiant complexions.

A little Oscar trivia: When it comes to film's biggest awards show, what is it that Julianne Moore, Sofia Coppola and Rachel Weisz all have in common? Duh, they all share a superstar facialist who ensures they glow brighter than anyone else on that Oscar red carpet. Oh, and yes, each one of them has also won an Oscar.

But more about that glowing skin. The aforementioned actresses, plus Maggie Gyllenhaal, Michelle Williams and Naomi Watts, all seek the expertise and service of Joanna Vargas, owner of the Joanna Vargas skin studio in New York.

With her healthy and organic approach to skincare, Vargas has been a favorite among celebs as well as the fashion set (Zac Posen and Karlie Kloss entrust their faces to her).

Awards season, and Oscar week in particular, is Vargas’ beauty Olympics. She has worked on Moore, Gyllenhaal and Dakota Johnson so far this season and usually travels from her studio in New York out to L.A. in order to treat clients right before the Oscars and any major awards show.

We caught up with Vargas to learn what exactly her is involved with making her celeb clients’ skin glow so radiantly and what particular products and regimen she recommends for anyone trying to achieve red-carpet worthy skin.

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What do you consider your signature treatment for awards season and red carpet events? 

My Triple Crown Facial is an awesome treatment to get before an event and is favored by my celebrity clients before a shoot or the red carpet. I use a mild electric current to drain puffiness, tone muscle and tighten skin. There is no downtime, people love the instant effect and long term, and the effects are cumulative. I usually recommend this facial once a month. For someone in their twenties, a facial once a month is always recommended, but this facial is a great treatment once a month for thirty and up. Since I designed this treatment myself, it is only available in my salon.

Is there a signature "look" you are known for among your clients?

I think the look I'm known for is a woman who looks fresh and is the definition of glowing beauty. I tend to attract actresses who embrace my philosophy of health and organic beauty. Most of the women I work with have that youthful glow without turning to filler and Botox as a solution. 

What advice do you give to your clients leading up to awards season, even before they see you?

I will only give advice for plane travel if I know I won't be seeing them before a red carpet. Usually I send a mask to them and a hydrating rose water spray for the plane ride.


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How far out does a celebrity client come to you for a treatment for the Oscars?

I see celebs in preparation for awards season usually starting in December, but I do faces right up to the same day as the red carpet. 

What foods, at home remedies and beauty products do you consider essential for maintaining red carpet perfect skin?

It’s important to eat well for your skin before any red-carpet event. The skin needs basic vitamins and nutrients to achieve a glow from within.  Eating greens will help to oxygenate your skin, encourage lymphatic drainage and keep you de-puffed and glowing from within! Sunscreen of course is a big one. And then treatment wise I do treatments that are heavier hitting in terms of results for the client like radio frequency. 

My number one tip is absolutely my favorite skin fix:  Drink a green juice every day. It will be a great replacement to your afternoon coffee and it will literally transform your skin in a matter of days. It helps oxygenate the skin and stimulates lymphatic drainage so it's de-puffing too! My skincare solution for the skin needing greens is my Daily Serum. It's a green juice for the skin!

What are people's most common concern and goal when prepping for an awards show red carpet?

I think the biggest concern is that you look fresh and your best. As a nominee, it is your time to enjoy that you are being recognized for your work, so you want to feel like you look your best in that moment. For the Globes and for the SAGs one of my clients was sick and completely run down, but the facial made her feel and look better, which was great because she won!