Oscars: Bosnia Selects 'With Mom,' Macedonia 'To the Hilt' for Foreign-Language Category

With Mom Still - H 2013

With Mom Still - H 2013

The portrayal of a traumatized family and a costume drama get nominated

With Mom, a contemporary study of a middle-class, left-wing family falling apart as a young woman attempts to cope simultaneously with her awakening sexuality and mother's impending death, has been nominated by Bosnia and Herzegovina for the 2015 Oscars.

Faruk Loncarevic's film, his second focusing on intimate family issues, will compete for the best foreign-language film honor.

Produced by Amra Baksic Camo and Adis Djapo, it premiered last year at the Sarajevo Film Festival and has been seen at many international festivals since.

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Bosnia produced an Oscar winner in 2002 when Danis Tanovic won the best foreign category with No Man's Land; last year the same director made it to the shortlist with An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker.

Macedonia, like Bosnia a former Yugoslav republic, has nominated Stole Popov's To the Hilt, set during a national uprising in 1903 after five centuries under Turkish Ottoman rule. A love quadrangle between a rebel, a Turkish officer, a rich man's son and a liberal-minded European woman, who flirts with the three men, leads to a series of unintended consequences.

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