Oscars: 'Boyhood' Producing Duo Won't Appeal Academy's Decision to Deny Them Credit

Jonathan Sehring John Sloss - H 2014
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Jonathan Sehring John Sloss - H 2014

IFC Films president Jonathan Sehring and Cinetic Media’s John Sloss are instead celebrating the film's six Oscar nominations.

IFC Films president Jonathan Sehring and Cinetic Media’s John Sloss will not appeal the Academy's decision to exclude them from the producers it will invite up on stage Oscar night should best picture nominee Boyhood win the evening's big prize. While Sehring and Sloss receive screen credit for producing the movie along with director Richard Linklater and Cathleen Sutherland, the producers branch executive committee of the Academy decided last week to follow the Producers Guild's lead and recognize only Linklater and Sutherland as full-fledged producers for awards purposes.

“There’s nothing really to appeal,” Sehring tells THR. “The Academy’s decision is what it is, as was the PGA’s. Today is a day that we’re just so happy about the movie. I’m so happy for Rick and Cathleen.”

The prospect of an appeal became an open question after THR reported that the Academy would not include the pair among the film’s producers. Though Sehring and Sloss are listed on the film as full producers and played a unique role in bringing the 12-years-in-the-making drama to fruition, the Academy seemed to penalize the two because of their day jobs -- Sloss is Linklater’s longtime attorney and Sehring is an executive — which prevented from playing the role of on-set producers. But many in the Hollywood community were outraged by the pair’s omission, according to THR’s report.

Still, Sehring said he had no bitter feelings as he celebrated Boyhood's six nominations including best director, best original screenplay, best supporting actress for Patricia Arquette and supporting actor for Ethan Hawke.

“This is really Rick’s baby,” he added. “John and I helped get it made. Honestly, we could not be happier. We’re with Rick. He knows that. We know that. That’s all that matters.”

The morning was a huge showing for Sehring, with IFC Films nabbing eight nominations, by far its best Oscar nominations haul ever. In addition to the six Boyhood nominations, the distributor also was nominated in the best actress category (Marion Cotillard, Two Days, One Night) and best documentary (Finding Vivian Maier), which it is distributing through its Sundance Selects label.

“It was a great day for our company and a great day for Boyhood,” said Sehring, who watched the nominations with his wife in their family room in New York as he waited to go to the airport for his second trip to L.A. this week. (He was in L.A. earlier in the week to accept the Golden Globe best picture drama for Boyhood). “I couldn’t sit down. I was standing up. We were hollering. The dogs were going crazy.”

Added Sehring: “I think I jumped the highest when Marion’s name came up because everyone kept telling me I was crazy to think she would get a nomination. We always had faith that Marion’s performance would resonate with Academy voters, so it was just thrilling to see her name come up. I think she’s one of the world’s greatest actresses.”

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