Oscars Crasher Detained in Bjork's Swan Dress (Video)

Vitalii Sediuk Oscars Swan Suit - H 2013
Vitalii Sediuk

Vitalii Sediuk Oscars Swan Suit - H 2013

Ukrainian prankster and Grammy crasher Vitalii Sediuk was stopped at foot of red carpet by at least seven officers.

A threatening letter from an Academy lawyer wasn't enough to keep Grammys crasher Vitalii Sediuk from Sunday's Oscars ceremony.

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The Ukrainian TV personality, already in hot water with the authorities for taking the stage alongside Jennifer Lopez, Adele and Pitbull at the Grammy Awards, once again found himself facing tough questions from LAPD officers when he arrived at the red carpet at 4:30 p.m. wearing a Bjork-inspired swan dress and carrying a blue bucket filled with 15 souvenir Oscar replicas.

"I went to different costume shops on Hollywood Boulevard, gathering different parts for [the dress]," Sediuk tells The Hollywood Reporter. "I made it myself. It took about five hours." He adds that the swan metaphor extends beyond the reference to the Icelandic singer's red carpet fashion crimes: "In Ukraine and Russia, the swan is a symbol of crushed dreams."

The officers were apparently warned ahead of time that Sediuk might stage such a stunt, as they were holding printouts of his photo accompanied by a description of his recent exploits. Sediuk says his appearance at the awards show was a protest over having had his credential revoked by the Academy.

"I wanted to protest in an entertaining way, so I took a limo to the Oscars," he says. "Right away, [police] detained me and asked for Academy representatives. They said, 'Are you the same guy who crashed the Grammys?' and I said yes."

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He adds: "Representatives from the Academy came and told them to arrest me. But the police said that this was a protest, and so they didn't have the evidence to arrest me."

After placing his arms behind his back as if they were about to handcuff him, police ultimately let Sediuk go with a warning. The scene was captured on video. 

Sediuk is awaiting a March 4 hearing for his Grammys arrest on trespassing charges.