Oscars: Croatia Submits 'Halima's Path' for Best Foreign Category

Arsen Ostojic - P - 2013
Arsen Ostojic

Arsen Anton Ostojic's tragic story of the consequences of the Balkan conflict is based on a true story.

MOSCOW – Croatian director Arsen Anton Ostojic’s new feature film, Halima’s Path, is the country's official candidate for best foreign Oscar.

The film, based on a true story from a script from Fedja Isovic, tells a devastating story from the Balkan civil war about a couple who stumble upon a terrifying truth years after ‘ethnic cleansing’ had murderously torn the former Yugoslavia apart.

Powerful and moving, the film has been picking up awards at festivals worldwide and in May won the top prize at Los Angeles' SEEFilm Fest, a showcase dedicated to South East European cinema.

It’s the third time Ostojic has been put forward for a best foreign language Academy Award.

In 2004, his debut, the black and white A Wonderful Night in Split, was the country's candidate. Four years later, his second film, No One's Son, was its choice. Both films won international acclaim and festival kudos.

Halima's Path is a three-country co-production with contributions from Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, although most of the budget came via the Croatian Audiovisual Center.

The film is scheduled for festival screening in the next couple of months in Cairo, Cottbus and Tallinn.

Ostojic currently has two projects in development in the U.S. and is hoping to make his English-language debut soon.