Oscars: Idina Menzel's Name Butchered by Ellen DeGeneres, John Travolta

AP Images/Invision
Idina Menzel performing at the Oscars.

UPDATED: The "Frozen" actress performed "Let It Go," which won best original song.

She performed the tune that picked up the Oscar for best original song, but no one pronounced her name right.

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The name is Idina Menzel and she's one of Broadway's biggest voices -- known for the role of Maureen Johnson in Rent, Wicked's green-faced witch Elphaba and now starring in If/Then. She also appeared opposite Amy Adams in 2007's Enchanted and has hit the iTunes charts more than few times after multiple appearances on Glee.   

At Sunday's ceremony, she performed "Let It Go" from Frozen moments before it was named best original song.

Let's set the record straight: It's "Ih-dee-nuh Men-zell."

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Host Ellen DeGeneres pronounced the singer's name as "Eye-dee-nuh," but it was the man who introduced her, John Travolta, who truly butchered Menzel's name.

He welcomed the "wickedly talented, one and only" Menzel "Adele Dazeem." Not even close.

Watch Travolta struggle, and Menzel's performance, below.