Oscars: Gene Siskel's Nephew Beats Roger Ebert Doc for Nomination

Finding Vivian Maier Berlin Film Festival - H 2014

Finding Vivian Maier Berlin Film Festival - H 2014

Charlie Siskel and co-director John Maloof received a best documentary Oscar nomination for 'Finding Vivian Maier,' while Steve James' 'Life Itself' was left out.

This morning's Oscar nominations may have snubbed the well-liked Roger Ebert documentary Life Itself, directed by Steve James, who has experience with being denied best documentary Oscar noms.

But Academy voters did hand Charlie Siskel — the nephew of Ebert's longtime critic partner, the late Gene Siskel a best documentary Oscar nomination, his first, for Finding Vivian Maier, which he co-directed with John Maloof.

Chaz Ebert, the legendary critic's wife, on her blog site Thursday said she was "sad and disappointed" Life Itself failed to secure a nomination. But she added "a particularly affectionate congratulations" to Charlie Siskel for his Oscar nod for Finding Vivian Maier.

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Charlie Siskel's uncle, along with Ebert, famously discussed and debated films on the PBS show Sneak Previews and ABC’s At the Movies,

Finding Vivian Maier presents never-before-seen street photos of Maier, who while working as a Chicago nanny had a secret life as a world-class photographer, even as her talent went undiscovered during her lifetime.

Chaz Ebert in her blog said there was consolation in knowing what an "achievement" Life Itself is, "and what a great job Steve James did in making it."

"This is a movie for the ages; Roger's messages about love and living your life with passion no matter what challenges befall you will resonate for a long long time," she added.