Helen Hunt Talks Climate Change at Global Green's Annual Pre-Oscar Party

Helen Hunt Headshot SAG Awards - P 2013
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Helen Hunt Headshot SAG Awards - P 2013

The Oscar-nominated actress is on the host committee for the Feb. 20 bash.

The Global Green’s Annual Pre-Oscar Party will be held at Avalon Hollywood with a musical performance by Willie Nelson. The Feb. 20 event will play host to celebrities and eco-luminaries to hear the latest green messages from Hollywood.

The event benefits Global Green, an organization dedicated to fighting climate change. Proceeds for this year’s event will go toward Hurricane Sandy relief. Guests will arrive in Chevy Volt electric vehicles as the evening’s sponsor, with H&M as retail sponsor. Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr, ShamelessEmmy Rossum and Oscar-nominated Helen Hunt of The Sessions are on the host committee.

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Hunt spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about the cause and what she hopes to see this evening’s event bring.

The Hollywood Reporter: Are you hopeful that there will be appropriate attention given to and action on addressing climate change in 2013?

Helen Hunt: I have renewed hope given the incredible showing at the rally in Washington, D.C. this past Sunday of nearly 50,000 people, and at other simultaneous rallies in cities across the US, including at City Hall in L.A., demanding action on climate change. The strong showing of youth and students was particularly encouraging.

Hopefully this puts some wind at the back of President Obama, given his strong words both during his Inaugural address and at the State of the Union about the need for urgent action on climate change. We all need to raise our voice in support of action on climate change and solutions like increased use of solar power, more energy efficient buildings and higher mileage cars.

THR: How can Hollywood help?

Hunt: We can help shine the light on both the climate science and the solutions, including through events like this. I also think we can all take action ourselves where ever possible. I spent last Saturday with my daughter doing a beach clean up with Heal the Bay, and I am proud to be an ambassador for Global Green's Green School Makeover Competition.

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THR: How did you get involved with Global Green and why are you working with them?

Hunt: I've admired their work for years and met their CEO Matt Petersen a couple years ago. I love their combination of advocacy and real-world projects that improve our communities and the lives of those in need, including in New Orleans and schools in Los Angeles.

THR: What should people know about the program helping communities affected by Hurricane Sandy?

Hunt: I think we've all witnessed -- in one way or another -- the growing impact of climate change. With Hurricane Sandy, I think we saw more than ever how vulnerable our low-lying coastal communities are to rising sea levels and other impacts of climate change. Global Green is using its expertise gained in assisting New Orleans to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina and is now helping neighborhoods devastated by Hurricane Sandy to install back up solar systems to provide electricity even in times of disasters.

THR: How can one person make a difference?

Hunt: There are so many examples of one person making a difference. I am friends with Danny Kennedy, who is doing extraordinary things with his company Sungevity. Or look at Ed Begley, whose tireless work has inspired so many. To inspire and recognize individuals making a difference, Matt and Global Green are calling for citizen entrepreneurs, people who take responsibility for a corner of their world. Being a citizen entrepreneur is all about the individual taking action and coming together with others to make their communities a better place, and being part of the solution to climate change.