Oscars: Host Ellen DeGeneres Teases, 'It's a Lot of Playing With People Throughout The Audience' (Video)

Ellen DeGeneres Oscars Host PR 3 - P 2014
ABC/Andrew Eccles

Ellen DeGeneres Oscars Host PR 3 - P 2014

The 2014 Academy Awards emcee also talks about her goals for the show, including putting nervous nominees at ease, and what she wants people saying on Monday.

Ellen DeGeneres knows what she'll be doing on Sunday's Oscars. Then again, she thought she knew what she had planned a few months ago and has since changed that.

"I had things written months ago that I thought for sure I liked and was gonna keep, and I've gotten rid of 'em and written new things, and then I'm sure I'll get rid of those. I'm sure I'll be writing through that morning," the Academy Awards host told Good Morning America's Robin Roberts during an interview that aired on Friday's show.

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DeGeneres, who previously hosted the show in 2007, at one point venturing into the audience to vacuum beneath guests' feet, said she's going back into the crowd this year.

"I'll be in the audience a lot and playing with people a lot. It's a lot of playing with people throughout the audience, all throughout the show," DeGeneres told Roberts, saying that she's working on those bits now. She also revealed that she'll be live-tweeting throughout the show.

But while some nominees might be nervous about the host singling them out in the audience, DeGeneres said she hopes to put the Oscars' anxious attendees at ease.

"It's important for me to relax everybody because there's so much anxiety in the room," she said, explaining that, in keeping with her style of humor, she won't make a joke at anyone's expense.

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She also recognizes the importance of the job.

"If I don't take it seriously, it's disrespectful," she said. "This is an institution that's been around for, this is the 86th year [of the Oscars], and I want it to be classy. …You know, there's no other reason to do it unless I'm going to do better than I did last time and better than you see me on my show."

So, what does DeGeneres want people saying about her job as host on Monday morning?

"I should be good enough that people talk the next day and go, 'She was great,' but I shouldn't stand out enough that it overshadows anything. It's a very delicate balance of being a good host," she said.

Watch more of DeGeneres' interview below, including her playing a version of her famous "Heads Up" game, with a Golden Globes-inspired Gravity joke. Perhaps George Clooney should be worried.