Oscars: Iceland Selects 'Life in a Fishbowl' for Foreign-Language Category

Courtesy of Toronto International Film Festival
'Life in a Fishbowl'

Baldvin Zophoniasson's drama features three interlocking stories of people living in post-crisis Iceland

Iceland has picked Baldvin Zophoniasson's Life in a Fishbowl to represent the country in the 2015 race for best foreign language Oscar.

The drama, which has been a local box-office hit, celebrated its international premiere in the Toronto Film Festival's Discovery sidebar.

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In Zophoniasson's tale, we follow the stories of a struggling single mother and a hardworking call girl; an ex-soccer player who finds himself climbing the ladder in the fast-paced world of international banking; and that of a once-brilliant novelist who has turned into a full-time drunk. Critics have compared Life in a Fishbowl's narrative structure to the multi-plotted works of Robert Altman or Paul Thomas Anderson.

Fridrik Thor Fridriksson's Children of Nature, which received an Academy Award nomination in 1992, remains Iceland's only Oscar nom in the best foreign-language category.

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