Oscars: Jennifer Lawrence Didn't Prepare Speech, Just Wants to Eat

Jennifer Lawrence
Getty Images

Jennifer Lawrence sweeps down the carpet in pale pink Dior Haute Couture.

"I’ll eat it in the bathroom. Just get me a freaking Happy Meal," the "Silver Linings Playbook" actress tells THR on the red carpet.

Jennifer Lawrence, the Oscar-winning star of Silver Linings Playbook, has become a fashion force on red carpets lately. She topped most of her other red carpet looks with a stunning Dior Haute Couture dress to the Academy Awards.

The actress tells The Hollywood Reporter that the gown is surprisingly comfortable.

“It’s pretty comfortable, fortunately, because I’m freaking starving. It better be comfortable," she says on the red carpet before the big show.

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The actress, who adds that they cut six inches of fabric off the bottom of her dramatic gown, says she forgot one important step while getting ready for the Academy Awards on Sunday.

“I forgot to eat because it was so stressful at my house and I didn’t have time," she says. "I was in the car, and I was like, ‘I’m starving and the show's four hours long.’ I’m looking at the golden arches for McDonald’s here.”

Lawrence admits she already asked her publicist to find her something to eat.

"I’ll eat it in the bathroom. Just get me a freaking Happy Meal!" she says.

Other than her need for food, Lawrence, who won the best actress Oscar for playing a young widow in David O. Russell's film, says she hadn't prepared a speech for her win.

“One of my biggest fears is speaking publicly, speaking in front of people, so if I think about it, it gives me intense anxiety," she says. "I’ve been thinking about presenting, and that’s really freaking me out.”

When her name was called Sunday, perhaps her hunger did get the best of her because she tripped on her way to the stage. The audience gave her a standing ovation, to which she said: "Thank you, you guys are just standing up because you feel bad that I fell. And that's really embarrassing."