Oscars: Jon Stewart Says Hosting Is 'the Worst' (Video)

Seth MacFarlane and Jon Stewart on Monday's "Daily Show"

"Daily Show" guest Seth MacFarlane seems to concur as he reveals how he felt during this year's Ellen DeGeneres-hosted show.

Jon Stewart has hosted the Oscars twice, but it doesn't seem like he wants to do so again.

The Daily Show star began his interview with fellow former Oscars host Seth MacFarlane Monday night by reminiscing about their past Oscar gigs. When MacFarlane pointed out that Stewart hosted twice, Stewart said the second time was more of a do-over.

"I [hosted the second time] because they thought, like in golf, 'Boy that first shot sucked, do you want to hit again?' " Stewart said.

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The host later said, with a straight face, "It's the worst job in the world." MacFarlane laughed, but Stewart didn't break.

MacFarlane then repeated what he's previously tweeted about the gig, that it's the Kobayashi Maru: the unsolvable problem from Star Trek.

The Family Guy creator also indicated that he's over it and wasn't paying attention to Sunday night's show.

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When Stewart asked if he "felt a little twinge," Sunday night, since he wasn't hosting, MacFarlane said, "No, no. I was pretty close to the minibar, so the twinge may have been the wrong kind."

MacFarlane also talked about the novel version of his upcoming movie A Million Ways to Die in the West and shared how Family Guy fans have been responding to his latest film on Twitter.

Watch MacFarlane's full interview below.