Oscars: Kosovo Selects 'Unwanted' for Foreign-Language Category

Unwanted Still 2 -Publicity -H 2017
Courtesy of Kosovo Film Center

Edon Rizvanolli's debut is about a young man living in exile confronting the unresolved issues of his past.

Kosovo has selected Amsterdam-based actor-turned-director Edon Rizvanolli's Unwanted as its candidate for foreign-language film Oscar consideration.

The social drama tells the story of a teenage boy from Kosovo, Alban (Jason De Ridder), living in exile in Holland with his mother, Zana (Adriana Matoshi). Although they both left Kosovo during the Balkan Civil War, when Alban begins a romance with a sensitive young woman, Anna, neither realize that unresolved injustices and dark memories of the past lie just beneath the surface.

The film marks Kosovo's fourth submission to the Oscars and was produced by Pristina-based 1244 Productions and Dutch company Asfalt Films with the support of the Kosovo Cinematography Center and the Netherlands Film Fund.

Unwanted had its international premiere in July in the East of the West competition at the Karlovy International Film Festival.

Kosovo has yet to win or be nominated for an Oscar in the foreign-language film category, although in 2016 national hopes were raised when Shok (Friend) was shortlisted in the short-film category.