Oscars: 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Becomes Most-Nominated Australian Film Ever

Mad Max: Fury Road Still - H 2015
Jasin Boland/Warner Bros.

Mad Max: Fury Road Still - H 2015

The film received 10 nominations, beating out the eight for 'Moulin Rouge.'

Mad Max: Fury Road’s 10 Oscar nominations have set a new benchmark, making it the most-nominated Australian film in Oscar history.

George Miller’s dystopian road movie surpassed Baz Luhrmann’s musical extravaganza Moulin Rouge, which previously held the record. Moulin Rouge received eight Oscar nominations in 2001, going on to win the honors for best costume design and art decoration for Luhrmann's wife and collaborator, Catherine Martin.

Mad Max: Fury Road is considered an Australian film as it meets the Australian government's thresholds for tax rebates and government support, was made largely by an Australian crew and had Australian creative control. Produced by Kennedy Miller Mitchell, RatPac-Dune Entertainment and Village Roadshow Pictures, it was distributed by Warner Bros.

While Mad Max: Fury Road was nominated in both the best film and best director categories on Thursday, its wide range of nominations across the craft categories means the film is an invaluable calling card for Australian-led, international productions, said Screen Australia chief Graeme Mason.

"We are beyond thrilled to see Dr. George Miller and his Mad Max: Fury Road team gain the recognition they so richly deserve," Mason said. "I’m particularly pleased to see so many technical, production and design artists nominated — an area in which Australia continues to excel, and a reminder of the skill it takes to create a world like that of Mad Max."

Miller previously won the 2006 Academy Award for best animated feature for Happy Feet.

Mason also paid tribute to Australian star Cate Blanchett for her best actress nomination for Carol, which made it a total of 11 Oscar nominations for Australia on Thursday. “It’s no surprise that Cate Blanchett’s work on Carol has also been recognized, further cementing her place as one of Australia’s great screen talents and cultural ambassadors," he said. 

The Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) also gave Miller and Blanchett a shoutout on Twitter:

The 11 nominations for Australians at the Oscars equal the 11 nominations received in 2001 when Aussies that worked on Moulin Rouge and The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, as well as several short films, split the nominations. Three Aussies won the Academy Award that year.