Oscars Pizza Delivery Guy Gets $1,000 Tip (Video)

Oscars Edgar Pizza Guy Ellen Degeneres Show - H 2014
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Oscars Edgar Pizza Guy Ellen Degeneres Show - H 2014

UPDATED: The Big Mama's & Papa's Pizzeria employee showed up on Monday's live "Ellen DeGeneres Show," with the restaurant telling THR the order was for 20 pizzas with cheese, pepperoni, mushroom and olives.

Just hours after delivering pizza to some of Hollywood's biggest stars, Big Mama's & Papa's employee Edgar appeared on Monday's live Ellen DeGeneres Show to discuss his much-talked-about TV appearance.

Edgar was "the night's biggest winner," DeGeneres said of the employee who delivered the pizzas to the Dolby Theatre on live TV. She brought him out toward the end of her show.

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"My next guest was delivering pizzas last night and little did he know he'd be delivering them to some of the biggest stars in the world," DeGeneres said before showing a clip of Edgar in action.

He then walked onto her set carrying a box of pizza.

Edgar revealed that he was under the impression he was delivering the pie to writers and producers, and when he arrived at the Dolby Theatre, DeGeneres came out and said, "Follow me," ultimately leading him onstage and into the audience.

"I was shocked. I didn't know it was going to be something [like] this. It was really crazy," Edgar said of the experience, adding that Julia Roberts is one of his favorite stars, so it was surreal to hand her pizza.

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"She was my like woman in dreams. I was always watching her movies back in Moscow," he said. "So it was something crazy to me to deliver [her pizza]."

On the Academy Awards show, DeGeneres collected tips using Pharrell Williams' hat, and on Monday's show, DeGeneres gave him the $600 she collected plus another $400 to make it $1,000.

Earlier, the Los Angeles pizzeria chain told The Hollywood Reporter that the order was placed on Saturday, but they didn't know how big it would be until Sunday. Still, Edgar was surprised he got to be on TV, employee Gabriel Ajxub told THR. The order was for roughly 20 pizzas, with cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms and olives, Ajxub said.

"We knew it was going to the Oscars, but didn’t know it was for the stars. They just told us was going to be for the people there," Ajxub told THR.

Ajxub insisted it was a regular delivery, not a PR stunt.

On DeGeneres' show, Edgar noted that he and his brother own the pizza shop.

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Edgar's appearance on the Oscars was just one of the crazy events from the night before that DeGeneres recapped with her guests on Monday's show.

Also joining her were Oscar winners Cate Blanchett, Jared Leto and Lupita Nyong'o, all of whom seemed quite tired after Sunday's festivities.

After Blanchett slowly walked onto the stage, holding on to the wall for support, looking quite exhausted, DeGeneres offered her Visine and Advil, both of which the Oscar winner declined, but she did ask for a blanket. Blanchett also sounded rather hoarse, joking at one point, "I'm in the middle of hormone-replacement therapy."

After DeGeneres brought up her speech from the night before, Blanchett admitted, "I have no idea what I said, but as long as it makes sense …"

She also revealed that she was incredibly stressed over whether or not she'd win an Oscar and knew that she would be appearing on DeGeneres' show on Monday, so she was scheming how she might be able to steal an Oscar if she didn't win one.

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The Blue Jasmine actress also let the audience pass around her award. Blanchett said that she was able to get some sleep, but her Oscar joined her in bed. "It's the closest my husband and I have ever come to having a three-way," she joked.

Lupita Nyong'o, meanwhile, said she hadn't slept at all, apart from nodding off a bit during car rides.

Nyong'o also talked about her brother, who's gotten quite a bit of attention since he snuck into DeGeneres' heavily retweeted Oscar selfie. The actress said that he's a freshman in college who lives for excitement.

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"He lives life in an exclamation point," Nyong'o said. "And he just saw that opportunity and he’s like, 'I’m getting in. It’s my only chance.'"

Nyong'o also said that despite having just met Liza Minnelli at the Oscars, the two shared a few moments during the show, including a big hug when Nyong'o won her best supporting actress trophy. And, acknowledging Nyong'o's recent birthday, DeGeneres gave her a headband, like the one she wore to the Oscars, except this one featured a cut-out of Nyong'o accepting her award.

Earlier in the show, DeGeneres shared details of her own exhaustion with the audience, revealing at the beginning of her monologue, "We are live right now, and I don't know what y'all did last night, but I think I hosted the Oscars.… Anything can happen. I might fall asleep right now. Or in 5 minutes I could fall asleep. I might be asleep already and this is just a beautiful dream. I don’t know."

She claimed that she went to two parties, so the show sort of counts as her third, she said as the audience cheered, to which she told them, "Shhh!" and asked if they could turn down the lights.

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But fellow Oscar partier Jared Leto wasn't complaining.

After saying that he got in around 5:30 or 6 a.m., the best supporting actor winner told the audience, "Don't feel sorry for me. This is a time to revel in. This is a sunrise that you want to see." Leto also said one of his highlights of Sunday night was watching his mother dance with Madonna.

Leto, who previously told THR that he doesn't watch his films unless someone forces him to do so, told DeGeneres that he still hasn't seen Dallas Buyers Club.

"I think one day I will watch it because I'll be curious at some point," he said. "But it was such an intense role, it's probably best for me to leave it alone."

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Leto also revealed one more tidbit about the pizza. After Harrison Ford took a bite, a bunch of it fell on his shirt.

DeGeneres joked that she ordered the pizza especially for Ford. "I knew he would have the munchies," DeGeneres said. "I knew for sure Harrison would."

Blanchett also said that she was upset that she missed the pizza, explaining that she went to the bar to try to get something to eat, and while DeGeneres was handing out pizza, the Oscars staff wouldn't let her back in.

Also on Monday's show, DeGeneres revealed that the retweeted selfie has now been retweeted roughly 3 million times and Samsung, the maker of the phone with which she took the photo, is donating a dollar for every retweet, with half going to St. Jude's Children's Hospital and half to The Humane Society.

Watch clips from Monday's Ellen below.

Debbie Emery contributed to this report.