Oscars Prepare for Rain, But Chance of Wet Weather Is Slight

Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images
People walk on a covered red carpet as preparations continue for Sunday's 89th Academy Awards.

Security will also be extremely tight at the event and around Hollywood Boulevard.

As the industry gets ready to party on Sunday, there's a question on the minds of many heading to the red carpet: Will the big day see a deluge of rain?

Southern California has seen plenty of weather lately, but it appears rainfall will not (as of now) be an issue Sunday night when guests are arriving for the 89th Academy Awards at the Dolby Theatre.

As of Friday, there was a 9 percent chance of precipitation around the time stars will be getting to the red carpet, according to the Weather Channel's latest report

Starting from the drop-off, the walkway into the Theatre is tented. Security will also be extremely tight at the event and around Hollywood Boulevard. 

The awards faced similar concerns about the rain in 2014 and 2015, but this winter has seen a deluge of rainfall in Los Angeles County.

Neither Los Angeles police nor Academy officials comment on specifics when it comes to security, but it is a safe assumption that just as in recent years past, there were be a number of highly visible officers and bomb-sniffing dogs.

There will also likely be numerous plain-clothed authorities in the area. 

The 89th Academy Awards will be hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. ABC begins its red carpet coverage at 4 p.m. PST.