Oscars: Rain Won't Affect Red Carpet Fashion

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

What changes occur in red carpet fashion if it really does rain on the Oscar arrival line this Sunday, as predicted?

Red carpet pundits probably remember last year’s (2010) Golden Globes and its torrential downpour.  
How did it affect the gowns, the shoes, the bare arms?
Answer: Not a whit.
At that memorably rain-soaked Globes, nominees like Sandra Bullock wore their beautiful expensive semi-sheer gowns, bare arms, delicate strappy shoes and much-labored over hairstyles, but donned coats in their limos; they were shielded by umbrellas on the way into their limos, out of their limos – and they even had handlers holding umbrellas over them as they stepped carefully onto the soggy red carpet. Once there, the carpet walkway was, of course, tented – if not a little bit leaky. They all arrived shivery and even a little damp – but when the cameras hit, the stars turned on the full-force glamour and wattage, and smiled and posed as usual, as part of their normal job requirement. The Oscars will be no different. Because when the red carpet photos hit, no one will – or should – remember it was raining. Therefore, the Oscar arrivals line might be damp – sopping, even – but the show – and the clothes – must go on. 
Will Natalie shiver? Will Nicole’s hairdo fall? Will a Chanel couture design be obscured by a heavy shawl?
Not a chance.
No doubt, once home at last, they will all change into cashmere pajamas. But for as long as Oscar night revelry goes on, they will all grin and bare it. With big coats and furs in the car – and the warmth of