Oscars 2015: Meet the Seat Fillers

One of the seat fillers is "looking for love."

Neil Patrick Harris put the spotlight on the seat fillers at the Oscars on Sunday. He had two bits which included the seat fillers, three of them in particular. His first bit called out Laura and Heidi, and his third drew attention to a woman sitting in Octavia Spencer's seat.

THR has tracked down two out of the seat fillers so far: Kate Thomas, who took Spencer's seat, and Laura Cain from San Diego's radio show Jeff and Jer.

Octavia Spencer's seat filler is Kate Thomas, identified to THR by her sister Kelsey Thomas, a Las Vegas TV reporter. When a Twitter user tweeted "Sup Octavia Spencer's seat holder?" Kelsey replied, "She's engaged. Sorry!"

Laura Cain is a radio DJ who is single and "looking for love" according to her show's website. Ahead of Valentine's Day this year Jeff and Jer hosted "Laura's Week of Love," where contestants were selected to go on a date with her at a variety of restaurants. Cain gave a quick summary of her dates on her online diary she keeps on the station's website.

Here's Laura getting ready for the Oscars:


A photo posted by Laura Cain (@lacain) on

The seat fillers were talked about quite a bit on Twitter:


Lest we forget, Kramer was a seat filler. A noble calling, indeed: