Oscars: Security Officers to Protest Outside Ceremony

Dolby Theater

SEIU, a union representing security workers, organized a previous gathering at the Dolby Theatre on Friday.

A group of security officers are planning to protest Sunday's Academy Awards.

SEIU United Service Workers West, a union representing security officers, is upset with the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences' choice of security contractors for the ceremony. The group previously protested outside the Dolby Theatre on Friday for the same reason.

The Academy contracts with Security Industry Specialists, which SEIU has protested multiple times in the past. According to a union statement Friday, Security Industry Specialists pays a "decent hourly wage," but "keeps most of its workers part-time with few, if any, benefits."

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A spokesperson for Security Industry Specialists dismissed the claim.

"It's our belief that this union can't offer anything to our employees that they don't already have," Tom Seltz, told The Hollywood Reporter Friday.

The Academy did not immediately respond to request for comment.

This is not the only protest planned for Sunday's Oscars. As it did last year, the VFX community is also planning a protest.

SEIU United Service Workers West represents more than 40,000 janitors, security officers, airport workers, and other property service workers across California.