Oscars: Serbia Selects 'Train Driver's Diary' for Foreign-Language Category

'Train Driver's Diary' film still - H 2016
Courtesy of ZILLION film

Milos Radovic's drama focuses on a train driver approaching retirement.

The Serbia-Croatia co-production Dnevnik masinovodje (Train Driver's Diary), directed by Milos Radovic, has been selected as the Serbian Academy of Arts and Science's submission for the Academy Awards' best foreign-language film category.

The movie centers on Ilija, a 60-year-old train driver close to retirement. Ilija has to deal with the fact that he holds an infamous record of 28 people being accidentally killed during his career, while he prepares his 19-year-old adopted son, Sima, to follow in his footsteps.

Train Driver's Diary won the audience's award at the Moscow International Film Festival and a special mention at the Palic Film Festival earlier this year.

Lazar Ristovski stars in the film and produced it through Zillion Film in collaboration with Interfilm, with the support of Film Center Serbia and the Croatian Audiovisual Centre.

Incidentally, Ristovski has the distinction of also co-producing and appearing in this year's Oscar submission from Croatia, On the Other Side

The country has regularly submitted movies, but a Serbian film has never been nominated for or won the foreign-language Oscar.