Oscars: Slovenia Selects 'Miner' for Foreign-Language Category

The Miner Still - Publicity - H 2017
Courtesy of the Slovenski Filmski Center

The movie is based on a true story of a Bosnian miner who migrated to Slovenia.

Slovenia has selected Rudar (Miner), directed by Hanna Antonina Wojcik Slak, for best foreign-language film Oscar consideration.

Based on a true story, the drama is centered on Alija, a Bosnian miner who migrated to Slovenia. In an abandoned mine, he discovers the remains of victims of post-World War II reprisal killings. In his determination to fight for a decent burial of the executed people, he goes against his managers and loses his job.

Co-produced by Slovenia and Croatia, Miner premiered at the Slovenian Film Festival earlier this month and is scheduled to open in theaters Sept. 28.

Slak's previous films include 2002's Slepa pega (Blind Spot), which collected awards at the Sofia, Cottbus and Thessaloniki film festivals; 2004's Desperado Tonic; and 2007's Teah.

Miner is Slovenia's 21st foreign-language Oscar submission since the country became independent in 1991. None of the previous entries were nominated.