Oscars: Steven Spielberg Is the Most Thanked in History, More Than God

Steven Spielberg

Also mentioned more than God in acceptance speeches are Harvey Weinstein, James Cameron, George Lucas and Peter Jackson.

And the award for most mentioned name in Oscars acceptance-speech history goes to … Steven Spielberg!

The director has been thanked 42 times out of all 1,396 acceptance speeches currently archived online by the Academy, according to Vocativ. The top 10 entities mentioned by winners at the podium are as follows:

1.  Steven Spielberg (42)
2.  Harvey Weinstein (34)
3.  James Cameron (28)
4.  George Lucas (23)
5.  Peter Jackson (22)
6.  God (19)
7.  Fran Walsh (18)
8.  Sheila Nevins (17)
9.  Francis Ford Coppola, Barrie Osborne (16)
10.  Martin Scorsese, Saul Zaentz (15)

Additionally, the Academy has been thanked in 43 percent of all speeches, and parents are thanked in 28 percent of speeches.

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