Oscars: Susan Sarandon to Help Design Greenroom

Susan Sarandon David Rockwell Architect Rendering - H 2014
Courtesy of Architectural Digset

Susan Sarandon David Rockwell Architect Rendering - H 2014

The five-time Academy Award nominee will work with architect David Rockwell to create Architectural Digest's Greenroom.

The designer of this year's ultimate Hollywood hangout has been named: Architect David Rockwell will create the 12th annual Architectural Digest Greenroom at the Oscars, the VIP hangout located to the side of the stage.

One of the most high-profile design gigs in the Industry, past Oscar greenrooms have been designed by such prominent decorators as Madeline Stuart, Michael Smith and Waldo Fernandez. This year, Rockwell is working hand-in-hand with five-time Oscar nominee Susan Sarandon to create a space that is less aggressively decorated to the teeth and treated more like a soothingly neutral refuge for presenters and winners to relax without photographers or reporters allowed inside the 750-square-foot space.

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The greenroom marks another prestigious project for Rockwell, who designed the sets for the Academy Awards in 2009 and 2010, and whose firm, The Rockwell Group, has designed W Hotels in cities such as New York and Paris, Nobu restaurants and hotels worldwide, as well as the highly exclusive suites that will fetch top dollar at this Sunday's Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium.

For the greenroom, however, Rockwell has created a relaxed, urban loft-inspired environment, complete with a mix of new and vintage furniture, low-slung seating and even a wall of (opaque) windows. An adjacent "fantasy garden" will serve as an outdoor lounger (read: smokers' haven).

Together Sarandon and Rockwell will curate a selection of black-and-white film stills that will be placed in the room, along with an animated installation that will appear on a technology wall made up of different Samsung devices, ranging from Smartphones to tablets and TVs. A total of 86 devices will be used on the mosaic, one representing each year of the Oscars.