Oscars: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Arrives In L.A.

Getty Images

ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, dressed as a limo driver, greeted the admitted crack-smoking politician at LAX.

TORONTO – Toronto Mayor Rob Ford could well be headed to the Oscars as a guest of Jimmy Kimmel.

That's one scenario possibly playing out Sunday as Canada's admitted crack-smoking politician arrived in Los Angeles, only to be picked up at the airport by Kimmel dressed as a limo driver (see photo).

"Landed safe and sound in L.A.," Ford tweeted Saturday night, accompanied by photo with Kimmel welcoming his entourage. "Thanks @JimmyKimmel for the warm reception and the drive from LAX cc: @JimmyKimmelLive," the mayor added in another entry on his Twitter account.

Ford is set to appear on the ABC late-night show on Monday.

But Kimmel also appears to be hosting the Toronto mayor and his entourage -- which includes key aides Dan Jacobs, Jerry Agyemang and Amin Massoudi, and two brothers, Doug Ford and Randy Ford -- in Hollywood on Sunday. That may include an appearance at the Oscars, which are also airing on ABC. 

There's no worries back in Toronto about who's running the city while Ford's out of town, as the politician had virtually all of his political powers taken away by the City Council in November after he admitted to excessive use of illicit drugs during "drunken stupors."

The Toronto mayor also came through U.S. customs without any hassle, a feat he may find difficult to repeat in the coming months as a police investigation into Ford and ties to Toronto's drug trade closes in on the Canadian politician.

"If he's gonna arrest me, arrest me," Ford told Toronto police chief Bill Blair during a Feb. 27 press conference.

Undercover Toronto police last year followed Ford for months after Gawker and the Toronto Star first went public with reporting on an infamous smartphone video that allegedly showed the mayor inhaling from a glass pipe.

Chief Blair later revealed that police had found the video while conducting a wider investigation into the city's drug trade.