Oscars: 'Wolf of Wall Street' Surges in Popularity on Social Media

The Martin Scorsese best picture nominee has doubled it's online following over the past month.

Oscar voting officially opened Friday – and while it's up to the 6,000 or so Academy members to determine the winners – on social media The Wolf of Wall Street reigns supreme.

The best picture nominee has surged in online popularity since nominations were announced last month, doubling its Twitter and Facebook fanbase to reach 872,112 total. That's more than double the No. 2 best picture nominee, Gravity (463,167 ), which has picked up 78,250 fans since nominations were announced four weeks ago.

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ListenFirst Media, which provided the data to The Hollywood Reporter, cautions Oscar buzz may not be responsible for Wolf's rise on Twitter and Facebook. But Co-Founder and Co-CEO Jason Klein says there is evidence the film's five nominations, along with Leonardo DiCaprio's Golden Globe win, sparked the unusually high jump.

Klein notes the film's Facebook page gained 48,000 new likes on nomination day alone, which he thinks is thanks to a combination of buzz and paid Facebook advertising on the studio's part.

"It's a huge jump and I think it's an atypically big jump to see over that period of time," says Klein. "If you look at all the best picture films, no one has as big a jump as Wolf of Wall Street."

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Oscar season, of course, isn't jus about prestige—it's also an opportunity for studios to get more business out of their nominated films. On what social media can do for a film's business, Klein says it's not really about the clicks.

"It's not a question of how many likes or the engagement you are getting, but what those things are doing," says Klein. "Perhaps it's getting people to buy tickets to a movie or even enticing Academy voters to vote for your particular film."

Find the best picture nominees below. The first number is their total social fanbase, while the number in parenthesis represents growth since nominations were announced.

1. The Wolf of Wall Street, 872,112 (+463,167)

2. Gravity, 526,761 (+78,250)       

3. American Hustle, 445,107 (+98,249)

4. 12 Years a Slave, 226,563 (+87,495)

5. Captain Phillips, 195,403 (+63,166)     

6. Her, 156,161(+44,917)

7. Dallas Buyers Club, 119,657 (+48,848)           

8. Nebraska, 12,757 (+854)

9. Philomena (Does not have an independent social media presence)