Oscars Won't Be Aired Live in Russia

NPH Oscar Promo - H 2015
Courtesy of ABC

NPH Oscar Promo - H 2015

A taped broadcast is scheduled to air on the next day.

Just like last year, the Oscar ceremony is not going to be broadcast live in Russia this coming weekend, even though a Russian entry, Leviathan, is shortlisted.

No live broadcast has been scheduled, and the state-run free-to-air network Channel One is to air a short taped version of the awards ceremony at midnight on Feb. 23, about 20 hours after the ceremony takes place in Los Angeles.

The network would not provide any reasons for its decision not to air the Oscars live. Last year, a live broadcast was originally scheduled but later canceled. The station said the decision was made in a bid to focus on covering ongoing tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

Controversy stirred up when a taped broadcast of the ceremony aired on the next day. Channel One was accused of cutting Jared Leto's words of support for Ukraine from the broadcast. However, the network denied the allegation, claiming that it just aired an international 90-minute version provided by the rights holder.

In 2013, Channel One aired a live broadcast of the ceremony, even though it was late night for Russia's European territory.

Neither in 2013, nor in 2014, Russia had a an Oscar-nominated movie, while this year, Andrei Zvyagintsev's Leviathan, which already won a Golden Globe, is contending for the best foreign language film award. The movie, released in Russia on Feb. 5, has triggered heated discussions in Russia.