'Other woman' blasts Peter Brant

Defends Stephanie Seymour in divorce battle

The divorce and child custody battle between model Stephanie Seymour and newsprint mogul Peter Brant is going to court today, according to the New York Post.

In a Middletown, Conn. court, Brant, an executive producer on the 2000 movie "Pollock," is challenging Seymour for custody of children Peter Jr., 16, Harry, 14, and Lily, 5.

Meanwhile, pinup Alyssa Pallett, who had a year-and-a-half-long affair with Brant, 63, told the Post that Brant was "so controlling, I would have emotional breakdowns" and endlessly complained about Seymour's alleged infidelities and drug abuse. "He didn't feel like she was fit to be a mother and said he would keep fighting so she wouldn't look after the kids," she said.

Among other things, Pallett told the Post that Brant had a private detective follow Seymour and then claimed that Seymour had a boyfriend in LA whom she was financially supporting.

In a joint statement responding to Pallett's account, Seymour and Brant said: "It is truly sad that this woman is seeking to promote herself in such a shameless manner...Her account is full of untruths, and she is exaggerating any role she had in our lives. She is totally irrelevant to us and our family."
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