Ousted Google CEO Eric Schmidt Shopping Book

Odd Anderson/AFP/Getty Images
Eric Schmidt

Publishers are reportedly bidding on a tome that centers on the challenges posed by technology against authoritarian regimes.

It looks like ousted Google CEO Eric Schmidt is lining up his next gig: author.

New York publishers are bidding on Schmidt's first book, which is titled Empire of the Mind: The Dawn of the Techno-Political Age, New York Business reported, citing sources.

Schmidt, whoin April will leave the CEO post to company co-founder Larry Page and focus on the chairman role, will write the book with Jared Cohen, who directs the new think tank Google Ideas.

The book, which "examines the challenges that technology poses to authoritarian regimes," grew out of an essay the pair wrote for Foreign Affairs titled "The Digital Disruption."

The book auction is expected to close Tuesday.

The news comes on the heels of a report that Schmidt has been consulting with Liza McGuirk, executive producer of CNN's Parker Spitzer, on developing a show featuring him as host.