Ousted 'Top Gear' Host Jeremy Clarkson Offered a Role in Russian Comedy

AP Images
Jeremy Clarkson

Previously he received a job offer from a Russian TV network and is said to be considering both offers.

Ousted Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson has received an offer to star in a Russian comedy several weeks after being offered to host a show on the defense ministry's network.

Armen Manasaryan, a producer of the upcoming Russian comedy Kot v sapogakh (Puss in Boots), said during the presentation of the project to the government funding organization Cinema Fund that negotiations are in progress.

"We offered the role of a foreigner to Clarkson," Manasaryan said. "He hasn't given us a definitive answer yet. We are in talks."

Puss in Boots, which is being produced by the Moscow-based production and distribution company Paradiz, is a comedy about a contemporary young man who has turned into a cat. Young Russian stars Konstantin Kryukov and Aglaya Shilovskaya have been cast.

In late March, Russian TV station Zvezda, a network owned by the Russian defense ministry, offered work to Clarkson and published on its website a reply from his spokesman saying that the ousted BBC host will seriously consider the offer.

A spokesman for Zvezda told The Hollywood Reporter that Clarkson hasn't yet given an answer. "He is still thinking," he said.