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DUBAI -- The force behind some of the most acclaimed films in the Arab world -- including 2006 Festival de Cannes Competition title "Days of Glory" -- had his next project on his mind when he talked to The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday.

Director Rachid Bouchareb, scheduled to receive the Dubai International Film Festival's Lifetime Achievement Award on Thursday, said that his next film, "The Outlaws," is aiming to go into production in July, filming in locations including India, France, Morocco and Paris.

The $30 million production is a "police thriller, which tells the story of Algerian immigrants financing the Algerian freedom movement in Algeria from Paris. It is the war of Algeria transported to France," said Bouchareb, adding that the film is set during the Battle of Paris from 1814.

The Studio Canal-backed film is a sequel of sorts to "Days of Glory," which focused on the North Africans fighting on behalf of France during World War II.

Bouchareb is not especially impressed by Hollywood's current show of interest in the region's film industry, and not much more excited about his own personal brushes with Hollywood, which responded poorly to "Glory."

"Hollywood is not coming here to make films about this region for the U.S.," he said. "They are coming here because they can make money."

Before he sets sail with "The Outlaws," Bouchareb will compete in Berlin in February with his most recent film, "London River."

"Festivals are really just an opportunity for films to get expose to the press," he said. "Films ultimately take on a life of their own when the audiences comes to see it."
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