Outrageous Thrills: 5 Ways to Bro Out in Las Vegas

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Sky Combat Ace

Tired of gambling and boozing along the strip? Commandeer a fighter jet, fire off a grenade launcher or operate a bulldozer with these extreme entertainment alternatives.

Outrageous, manly thrills have been cropping up in and around Las Vegas, giving "bros" the opportunity to pull the brakes on gambling, shooting back poisons and prowling for late-night trouble. Voodoo Zipline is raising the stakes (or, uh, inclined cable) for vices that won¹t burn wallets. It's the Las Vegas strip's first and only zipline (at Rio All Suites Hotel & Casino), sailing guests 490 feet above ground at more than 30 miles per hour. Due to open any day now, the zipline is destined to be a liberating non-gaming/boozing/cheating adventure on the strip. But while you're waiting to reach great heights (literally and figuratively, of course), check out five crazy, off-the-strip thrills that are guaranteed to be a jackpot of manly adventure.

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Fly a Fighter Jet

There's literally no other place in the world guests can fly a plane than at Sky Combat Ace. You don't need experience or a license, just a really good sound stomach. The aerobatic fighter planes loop through the skies akin to the feeling of a roller coaster, should you want to choose that option with speeds that can go up to 250 miles per hour. Ask for the "G-Lock," a gravity-induced loss of consciousness that promises to give you a different kind of high. Top Gun Experience starts at $599 per person.

Soar Through the Nevada Canyons

Just ten miles from the Hoover Dam and thirty minutes from the strip, FlightLinez takes outdoor enthusiasts through several zips in Bootleg Canyon, famously known for its mountain biking trails. 1100 feet high, guests are introduced to sprawling views of the canyons with the Vegas strip beyond. The longest zip is 2,546 feet long, and any groups of 8 or more can book their own time (yes, the crazy staff will take you zipping at 2 a.m. if you like).

Shoot Up Zombies

Got anger issues? Take it to The Range 702. At this new shooting range facility, guests can choose various packages that include a range of guns like M4s, shotguns and even grenade launchers. It's also the only shooting range in Las Vegas with a swank VIP Lounge ($50 per day) that includes private lounge, bathroom, WiFi, pool table, flat-screen TVs and sofas. The Zombiance Package (using zombie-killing guns) starts at $154.95.

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Dig a Really Big Hole

Dig This offers a playground for those who like their toys big and butch. Guests have the opportunity to get behind the wheels of actual bulldozers or excavators and pummel the earth with monster blades. Options offered include digging gigantic trenches, stacking 2,000 pound tires or building huge mounds. Playing in the sandbox takes on a whole new meaning here. And, yes, hard hat is included.

Fast & Furious Driving

Dream Racing gives sports car junkies a chance to hit the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in the wheels of some souped-up racecars. LVMS has been home to top events like NASCAR Sprint Cup Series so you can expect to satiate your need for speed. Dream Racing offers racecars (exclusive in Vegas) and super cars, though we suggest peeling away in the Ferrari F430 GT Race Car, the only race-ready Ferrari in Las Vegas. Five Laps of the Ferrari GT start at $499.