Overseas grosses out of this 'World'


Walt Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" overwhelmed the international boxoffice for the second consecutive weekend, making off with an estimated $105.4 million from 17,500 screens in 103 markets to hike its overseas gross total to $408.8 million.

Worldwide, "At World's End" has grossed $625.3 million to date, making it the 57th highest-grossing film of all time.

The overseas weekend tally -- down from the record $214 million opening surge the previous weekend -- is the second-highest second-weekend tally ever internationally, following the $113.2 million recorded by Warner Bros.' "The Matrix Reloaded" in 2003.

According to distributor Buena Vistas International, the weekend estimate is 1% better than the comparable gross figure to date for the largest grosser in the franchise series, last year's "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest."

"At World's End" is the 24th film in industry history to have grossed more than $400 million overseas, reaching that plateau faster than any other title released internationally. It also is the fifth BVI title to pass the $400 million mark overseas.

The latest in the "Pirates" film already has grossed 16% more than the final international total ($350 million) of 2003's "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" and 60% of the final overseas gross ($642 million) accumulated by "Dead Man's Chest."

In regional terms, "At World's End" has drawn the bulk of its total gross from Europe ($260 million, 8% higher than the comparable figure for "Dead Man's Chest"), followed by Asia ($89 million, 25% more than "Dead Man's Chest"), Latin America ($40 million, 44% more than "Dead Man's Chest") and Australia/New Zealand ($20 million, 2% more than 'Dead Man's Chest).

The weekend's only new market was India, where "At World's End" made off with an estimated $1.4 million from 341 screens, 50% more than the combined opening gross in the market of the first two "Pirates" titles. It was the market's third-biggest opening ever, BVI said.

"At World's End" was No. 1 with mighty market share everywhere. In Japan, the fall-off from the opening surge was just 4% to an estimated $11.5 million from 875 screens, for a market cume of $35.5 million. In the U.K., tally also was $11.5 million from 552 screens, down 49%, for a cume of $57 million.

In Germany, the weekend drew an estimated $9.3 million from 1,585 screens -- down 46% from the opening surge -- for a cume of $37.3 million. In France, the drop was 51% to $8.1 million from 783 sites for a cume of $30.7 million. In Italy, the drop was a mere 26% to $5.9 million from 863 screens for a cume of $18.3 million.

Meanwhile, Sony's "Spider-Man 3" registered a weekend estimate of $11.8 million from 11,500 screens in 77 territories, lifting its overseas cume to $525.7 million. Sony said that "Spider-Man 3" now ranks as the 12th-biggest overseas boxoffice hit in industry history, one notch behind last year's "The Da Vinci Code," which grossed $539.7 million.

Worldwide, "Spider-Man 3" has accumulated $844 million in five frames.

Warner Bros. International's "Zodiac" is performing well despite the tentpole onslaught, grossing an estimated $5.8 million from about 1,900 screens in 38 territories. The overseas cume from the crime drama is $26.4 million.

DreamWorks/Paramount Pictures International's "Shrek the Third" added four new markets -- India, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand -- to an as-yet-limited foreign rollout, garnering an estimated $4 million from 754 screens in nine territories. Its overseas cume is $27.6 million.

In Singapore, the 'Shrek" sequel set a market record for the opening of an animation title with an estimated $1.2 million from 62 screens, 65% more than the comparable figure for "Shrek 2." In Malaysia, it bested "Shrek 2" by 195% with $575,000 from 49 sites, also setting an opening record for an animation film in the market. In Thailand, the weekend take was $354,000 from 67 spots, 187% ahead of "Shrek 2."

"Shrek The Third" opens widely this month, bowing in 36 new territories by June 30. Its current worldwide gross is $282.2 million.

20th Century Fox International/Fox Atomic's "28 Weeks Later" had a decent bow in Russia (an estimated $740,000 from 148 screens), which helped drive the overall weekend estimate to $2.3 million from about 1,400 locations in 20 markets, pushing the sci-fi thriller's international cume to $16.7 million.

In the U.K., Universal International opened "The Hitcher," the sequel from Intrepid Pictures/Platinum Dunes to the 1986 action horror thriller, to an estimated $430,000 from 256 screens, enough to qualify for a No. 7 market ranking.

PPI's "Shooter" bowed in Japan for an estimated $959,000 from 213 screens, bringing the overall weekend tally from 789 situations in 61 markets to $1.4 million. The international cume for the Mark Wahlberg action vehicle is $44.3 million.

Universal's "Mr. Bean's Holiday" keeps chugging along, opening in Taiwan to an estimated $200,000 at 50 screens; overall, the weekend tally was $1.5 million from 1,650 situations in 40 markets. The Rowan Atkinson comedy's 10-week international cume is $181.2 million, with openings in China, Japan and Korea still to come. It bows Aug. 31 in the U.S.

Other overseas cume updates: Universal's "Hot Fuzz," $50.1 million; and WBI's "300," $232.2 million.