Overtime for NFL Net, Comcast


WASHINGTON -- The NFL told Comcast on Thursday that it plans to bring a discrimination action against the nation's biggest cable company for keeping the NFL Network off the most popular cable tier.

Negotiations about where on the tier the network would be placed broke down, triggering the action, NFL executives said.

"Comcast has taken NFL Network away from millions of fans and placed it on a costly sports tier," NFL Network president and CEO Steve Bornstein said. "We don't believe that Comcast should charge consumers extra for our network while making sports channels it owns available to all viewers on a less costly basis."

A Comcast representative said the league was trying to get out of the deal it made with the company.

"Comcast makes the NFL Network available to all of our customers on a tier of service that the NFL agreed to by contract," Comcast spokeswoman Sena Fitzmaurice said. "The agreement we have to carry the NFL Network is pro-consumer. It allows us to place this expensive channel on a tier of service for those who wish to pay for it, not on a tier where everyone must pay for it."