Overture picks up 'Parent Class'

Studio continues aggressive pace with latest project

Overture continues its aggressive pace of project pickups, acquiring the pitch "Parent Class" from writers Toni Kotite and Marty Scott.

The project, which James Gibb brought to the studio and will produce, revolves around a
divorced couple who are deemed unsatisfactory parents and must enroll in a class on how to improve their child-rearing skills. Gibb, who conceived of the story, based it on a real-life class he attended.

Overture has scooped up several pitches or specs this month, last week nabbing the Stephen Karam play "Speech & Debate" and the Irwin Winkler-produced home-invasion drama "Taken." The company is seeking to populate a 2009 slate, a roster already anchored by Michael Moore's follow-up to "Farenheit 9/11."

Kotite and Scott have a number of projects in development, including "Soccer Mom" and "Briggs Ballet" at New Line. Pair are repped by APA, Jeff Okin at Anonymous Content and attorney Dave Feldman. Sean Furst will oversee "Class" for Overture.