Owen Wilson Meets Malaysian Prime Minister in Real Life 'Zoolander' Moment (Photo)

Owen Wilson Twitter Prime Minister Malaysia - P 2012

Owen Wilson Twitter Prime Minister Malaysia - P 2012

Ben Stiller tweeted a photo of a meeting between his co-star in the male model comedy and the man who holds the job that was at the center of the 2001 film.

Najib Razak may have been a little bit nervous to pose in this picture.

The Malaysian Prime Minister met Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller on Thursday night, and while that would be a great thrill for some, it had to have caused at least a little bit of trepidation for the politico, as his two new friends from Hollywood are known to have it out for the leader of that south Asian nation.

On film, of course.

Stiller, who tweeted the photo, wrote, "Hansel meeting the real Prime Minister of Malaysia," referring to their 2001 film Zoolander, in which Stiller plays a male model brainwashed to kill the head of state by the evil Mugatu (Will Ferrell). Wilson plays Hansel, the up-and-coming model who displaces Stiller's Derek Zoolander from the top of the catwalk game.

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Now a cult classic, the film has been rumored to be getting a sequel for years now, which Stiller discussed in an October cover story for The Hollywood Reporter.

"There were maybe 20, 30 drafts," Stiller said, "and at one time I walked away from it and they had somebody else rewrite it and they were going to do it without me, which was kind of ironic. Then it came back around."