In Their Own Words

Jessica Chou

The cast of "Breaking Bad" offer a sneak peak at the new season.

Bryan Cranston
Walter White

"With Gustavo Fring gone, Walt now sees himself in total control. We also see Skyler becoming more and more of his equal. Look for characters from earlier in the series popping in again, too, like Skinny Pete and Badger. Anything can happen and no doubt will."

Aaron Paul
Jesse Pinkman

"All of Jesse and Walt's actions from last year, and even earlier, now have serious repercussions. Everything gets very heavy and very dirty in a way we haven't seen before. You just never know anyone's fate on this show, but we know this season isn't going to end pretty."

Anna Gunn
Skyler White

"We saw Skyler breaking bad last season; now she is breaking down. Her dark tendencies are more revealed as she gets further pushed into a corner. She feels trapped and paralyzed and out of control. She doesn't know if her relationship with Walt can be saved."

RJ Mittle
Walter Jr.

"You will definitely see a very different White family dynamic this season, especially in how Walter Jr. sees his family. He was so used to idolizing them, and now he's getting older and wants to break away. But no matter what, he could never envision his dad as a bad guy."

Dean Norris
Hank Schrader

"Hank is now officially back on track after recovering from the shooting. He was also right about Gus Fring, and this makes him a hero at the DEA. He's back in business and a good detective again, but that doesn't mean he knows about Walt and what's right in front of his face."

Betsy Brandt
Marie Schrader

"Marie was all about caring for Hank during his recovery, and you will see more of that commitment to family. We see her best side as she becomes the most stable one in the family for once while also showing those moments of melancholy about not having her own kids."

Bob Odenkirk
Saul Goodman

"He is the comic relief, and there are a lot of laughs, but Saul is now in hot water. The stakes are getting higher. Being in the cross hairs is not what he wanted. He wanted to make money! He's very worried about the drama around him. He's in way over his head."

Jonathan Banks
Mike the Fixer

"Mike is the kind of guy who sold his soul a long time ago. The weariness of his age and absolute hell of what he does for a living is really weighing on him. He's also aware of the lives that have been ruined by his line of work. He's very weary, and wary of Walt and Jesse."