Owners of Cabin Destroyed During Christopher Dorner Manhunt to Get $200,000

Christopher Dorner Cabin - H 2015
AP Photo/Nick Ut, File

The ex-LAPD officer was killed in 2013.

The owners of the cabin where ex-Los Angeles Police Department officer Christopher Dorner died in 2013 will receive $200,000.

The cabin is owned by Candace Martin and Eric Funnell, who sought compensation for the cabin, legal fees and emotional distress, The Los Angeles Times reports. The money will be paid by March 5.

The cabin burned down after Dorner, wanted for killing two police officers, led authorities on a lengthy manhunt. He was tracked to the Angeles Oaks neighborhood of Big Bear, and was killed after San Bernardino County Sheriff’s SWAT team shot in gas that resulted in the cabin burning down. A SWAT team member was killed during a gun battle, and Dorner shot himself in the head while the cabin burned.

There are multiple settlements in the works related to the manhunt. Police officers shot two women who were delivering the L.A. Times, while a police also shot a man in Torrence. All three have received compensation. 

In addition, close to $900,000 has been paid as reward money to people who contributed tips leading to Dorner's location.