Oz, Poland, Belgium snap up 'Carl2'


TORONTO -- Portfolio Entertainment has racked up sales for its tween cartoon series "Carl2" to ABC and ABC2 in Australia, VRT in Belgium and Canal + Cyfrowy in Poland, the Canadian producer said Friday.

Toronto-based Portfolio said ABC has picked up 26 episodes from the second and third seasons of "Carl2," an animated series about a slacker teen who accidentally generates his own clone after describing his life in an online journal.

Separately, ABC2 bought all three seasons of the show, while VRT renewed "Carl2" for a second season after buying 13 Season 1 half-hours in October. Canal + Cyfrowy is following up the first season of "Carl2" by acquiring seasons 2 and 3.

Carl2 also airs on Nickelodeon in Germany, Jetix in the Netherlands and the Noga channel in Israel.
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