<p class="MsoNormal">Judd Apatow talks comedy at JFL</p>

Seth Rogen also takes the stage at the festival

MONTREAL -- The "Pineapple Express" crew took over a Hyatt Regency conference room for a press conference here Saturday afternoon as part of the Just for Laughs festival.

Besides lots of laughs, the gang had some news tidbits to share as well. Asked about possible future TV projects, for example, "Pineapple" producer Judd Apatow said he is a big fan of "Mad Men," and watching the show the other day made him consider TV again.

"For the first time I really felt bad about not working in TV," he said, adding, though, that no recent projects would lend themselves for a TV makeover.

Referencing his canceled series "Undeclared," Apatow signaled that film simply may be the medium he knows better. "I don't seem able to crack the code on how not to get canceled too quickly," he joked.

Asked about his expectations for "Pineapple," Apatow referenced the caped crusader's current boxoffice tear. "If we get 2% of the audience of the midnight "Batman" screening, we'll be fine," he said.

Discussing future projects, Apatow said he has a script in development with "Knocked Up" star Charlyne Yi that she plans to give him "some time soon." He didn't provide plot details.

Apatow did, however, say that April will see the start of shooting on "Get Him to the Greek," directed by Nick Stoller and featuring Russell Brand and Jonah Hill.

Seth Rogen had reporters in stitches when discussing how he had researched and prepared for the weed story line of "Pineapple" in real life.

Standup versus film work was also a topic of debate Saturday. After all, Apatow and Rogen used their JFL trip to return to standup after a long time. Apatow did five sets in one night, which JFL COO Bruce Hills called a new record.

And deciding years ago not to book Rogen for a JFL standup show was "probably the most painful mistake," Hills told the press conference.

Apatow said he enjoyed trying his hand at standup again, adding it was good practice and research for "Funny People," which features Adam Sandler and Rogen as standups. Shooting on the film starts in October, Apatow said.

Finally, Rogen's writing partner Evan Goldberg was asked if he ever wanted to act in any of the films. His reply: "I'd like Seth to cut me in two or blow me up one day."