Pac Title Brand Relaunched by Former CEO Phil Feiner

Pac Title, originally founded in 1919, did titles for "The Jazz Singer" and "Gone With the Wind."

Postproduction and VFX industry vet Phil Feiner and the iconic Pacific Title and Art Studio brand are back together again.

Feiner -- who has been operating PJF Productions in Burbank as a privately owned business since 2008 -- recently acquired the Pac Title name after learning that it had become available. PJF will be doing business using that name and the classic logo.

Pacific Title was a leading postproduction facility in Hollywood that was founded in 1919 by Leon Schlesinger of Warner Bros. Animation fame.? Pacific Title began its historic life in Hollywood as a film titling lab. Its early titling credits include The Jazz Singer, Gone With the Wind and Ben-Hur. ?Pacific Title Digital was formed in 1989.

Feiner served as CEO of Pac Title for nearly 30 years -- and many viewed him as practically synonymous with the brand -- until March 2007, when the company was sold by holding company Safeguard Scientifics for $23 million to an investment group led by private-equity fund Celerity Partners, stage-venture capital firm Ticonderoga Capital and venture capitalist William Daniels.

Feiner was dismissed and subsequently sued Pac Title and Safeguard Scientifics, claiming wrongful termination and breach of written contract in a list of complaints. (An out-of-court settlement was reached in 2008).

Pac Title went out of business in 2009. At a liquidation auction, Feiner acquired its proprietary technology and IP -- including tools for VFX and post, as well as database software.

PJF has been operating as a boutique-size operation with some familiar Pac Title alums, including president/CEO Feiner and CFO/executive vp Jayne Feiner, offering many of the digital services that it did previously, including main title, end credit and log design; visual effects; on-set supervision; and look design.

Said Phil Feiner: “We plan to grow the company, focused on the same services that we offered at Pac Title with better rates because we don’t have the same overhead."

“It’s wonderful,” he told The Hollywood Reporter of bringing back the Pac Title brand. “PJF Productions’ clients have been asking me to get the name back. … Pac Title is burned into everybody’s minds.”

PJF's work has included main titles and VFX on Trouble With the Curve, as well as title work on additional Clint Eastwood films such as J. Edgar; VFX and title work on Green Lantern; titles on The Hunger Games; and subtitles on Argo, Django Unchained and Zero Dark Thirty.

Phil Feiner is a member of AMPAS and in 2007 was a recipient of an Academy Scientific and Engineering Award.