Pacman Game Maker Namco Bandai Launches Vancouver Studio

The gaming giant also is looking to eastern Canada as it expands from its Japanese base.

TORONTO – Pacman game maker Namco Bandai Studios is opening a game development studio in Vancouver, and eyeing a second studio in eastern Canada.

Launching the Canadian beachhead follows a recent federal government trade mission to Japan, and includes generous subsidies from British Columbia’s trade and investment office in Tokyo.

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The Canadian subsidiary Namco Bandai Studios Vancouver will open its doors in June, initially developing online social games for the North American and European markets.

Namco Bandai also is looking to open an additional game studio in eastern Canada, likely contingent on taxpayer support.

“As we build our global development network, we are very honored and excited to have found Canada as our partner,” said Namco Bandai president Hajime Nakatani in a statement.

“I am confident that we will be able to achieve new and amazing feats in Canada, thanks to its great talent pool, leading-edge academic and research institutions and pro-business federal and provincial governments,” he added.

The Japanese game maker, expanding overseas, separately is launching a new studio in Singapore this summer.