Spanish Cartoonist Paco Roca to Direct Animated 'Memoirs of a Man in Pajamas'

Hot off the successful film adaptation of his comic "Wrinkles," the cartoonist will try his hand at directing.

MADRID - Illustrator and cartoonist Paco Roca will make his feature debut, directing the adaptation of comic Memoirs of a Man in Pajamas, production house Perro Verde Films announced Tuesday.

Roca, who recently won a Goya for his comic book adaptation of Wrinkles, will direct the 2D animation film for young audiences about a forty-something Peter Pan character who has finally achieved his childhood dream: to stay home all day in his pajamas.

Taking its inspiration from Seinfeld and a heavy dose of autobiography, the film is comprised of short animated episodes preceded by short presentations by the director in the style of Hitchcock Presents - but in his pajamas.

Based on the comic book published by Astiberri, Memoirs will be produced by Manuel Cristobal of Perro Verde Films with a script written by Wrinkles' Angel de la Cruz.

"The project is a way to continue working with a storyteller like Paco Roca and enjoy the possibility of a feature that is also a short series for web and TV. We are looking for brands interested in doing something innovative and fun," Cristobal said.