Pages to pictures mark new chapter


NEW YORK -- In what is believed to be the first book marketing initiative of its kind, the husband of author Barbara Taylor Bradford has created three short films and a trailer culled from his wife's latest novel that are running on

Film producer Robert Bradford also worked with Peter Price, president and CEO of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, on the project to promote Barbara Taylor Bradford's 23rd novel, "The Heir." He has created a company called Book Theater that he expects will "revolutionize the publishing industry" and the way it markets books.

"What we're trying to do is use the background of the movie business to sell books, because we believe you have to sell books like you sell movies," Bradford said. "We're really dedicating this effort to better recognizing authors for a new generation of digital-savvy readers."

Bradford -- who has turned 10 of his wife's best-selling novels into TV movies and miniseries -- hired writers, actors and TV and film composer Didier Rachou to create an original score for the 50-second trailer and short films based on three chapters in the book. The film clips run an average of three minutes.

Bradford said the content, which he and his wife funded without assistance from publisher St. Martin's Press, also will be featured on YouTube, book club sites and his wife's official site,, with plans for other links on the Web as well.

"If it works, which I think it will because millions of people are looking at Amazon, then our company will be the leader in creating movie clips for publishers," he said.

While video footage has been featured in commercials for novels, this is believed to be the first time short films or a trailer based on a book have been produced for the Web.

While Amazon is not promoting the content on its site, the video footage will run on the "Heir" page. "We're always looking for really creative new types of content to enhance the customer experience and get our customers more engaged when they're browsing through the store," Amazon spokeswoman Tammy Hovey said.

Taylor Bradford has had 22 consecutive best-selling novels in the U.S. and the U.K. She has sold more than 81 million copies of her books in 90 countries and 40 languages.