Painting by Adolf Hitler Sells for $161,000

Hitler Painting H 2014

A watercolor by the Nazi leader was bought by a Middle Eastern buyer who wished to remain anonymous

A painting by Adolf Hitler has sold at auction for for $161,000 (130,000 euros), the BBC reports

The watercolor of the Munich's city hall, painted by Hitler in 1914, was put up for sale by two elderly sisters who inherited the picture from their grandfather. The painting has been in their family since it was purchased in 1916. The sellers will donate 10% of the proceeds to charity. 

The auction took place in the German city of Nuremberg, where the infamous Nazi rallies were held and where many prominent Nazi leaders were put on trial after World War II. 

The work, which is signed by Hitler, garnered interest from around the world, according to auction house Weidler. The painting was purchased by a private buyer from the Middle East, who wished to remain anonymous. The auction house said the original bill of sale helped to raise the price. 

A young Hitler had aspirations of becoming an artist, and he applied to attend the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts but was rejected. Hitler's works are generally considered to be poor quality by art experts, and their sale at auction causes great controversy, particularly from survivors of the Holocaust. 

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